She was an athlete, an Olympic Gold medalist in softball. It has taken years for many men to accept women athletes in sports that were considered to be the domain of men. When, a year ago, it was announced that Jessica Mendoza wanted to announce MLB games, it was met with the same sort of objection from a large group of male critics. 

Mendoza remained indifferent to the remarks and became the first woman broadcaster for the MLB. 

Now, as if to celebrate an anniversary of sorts, a Houston Astro minor leaguer, Brooks Marlow, proved that social movements may advance but mindsets are slower to conform as mentioned in the Los Angeles Times.

He tweeted comments about Mendoza during the NL Wild-Card game that challenged her presence as a MLB post-season broadcaster writing as reported that "no lady needs to be on espn talking during a baseball game especially Mendoza sorry." 

He apologized for his sexist comments but was quickly disciplined by the club and was suspended soon thereafter as they stated that they did not condone their player's tweet and apologized to her as posted on the Associated Press. "Mendoza is an outstanding broadcaster that we have had the pleasure of working with this season." 

Jessica, who recently appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine, discussed in the interview her journey and her professional desire to just call some postseason baseball. Mendoza has long proven not to be a novelty but a regular in her chosen media field.