Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is leading the 2020 presidential race. A new national poll reveals that Biden is leading over Donald Trump by 10 points nationally and that much of Biden’s support comes from voters who do not like Trump.

The poll reveals that 52 percent of likely voters in the U.S. support Biden while 42 percent support Trump. Joe Biden also has the support of 50 percent of likely voters in Wisconsin, where Trump only has 44 percent. The former vice president’s 10-point and 6-point advantages in the recent poll are the same as his advantages during the pre-party convention polls. Biden has held an average of 7-point advantage over Trump in polls since the beginning of the year.

Forty-nine percent of the voters surveyed said they will support Biden in the November elections because they do not like Trump, while 32 percent said they will support Biden because they like him. On the contrary, Trump’s support is driven by voters’ feelings toward him, with 73 percent saying they would vote for Trump because they like him and only 18 percent saying they would vote for Trump because they do not like Biden.

The poll also found that voters have different perceptions of who between Trump and Biden will do a better job in handling the economy. Forty-four percent of the voters said Biden will handle the economy better than Trump, while 45 percent said otherwise.

Fifty percent of the voters also said they think Biden would handle the coronavirus pandemic better than Trump, while 38 percent said Trump would do a better job than Biden. Forty-seven percent also said they trust Biden to make sure that a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine would be available in the U.S., while only 34 percent said they trust Trump.

Since the beginning of the campaign period, Biden has maintained leads not only nationally but also in the swing states that matter. He has been ahead in states totaling 270 electoral votes, including Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and the states where Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

The poll involved 2,493 voters nationwide and was conducted between Sept. 2 and Sept. 4.

Vice President Joe Biden
U. S. Vice President Joseph Biden speaks during a memorial service for the late former Israeli president Shimon Peres at the Adas Israel Congregation October 6, 2016 in Washington, DC. Getty Images

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