Weeks leading to the showing of “Joker” in theaters, reports have hyped the movie so much, forcing people into thinking that it’s going to be larger than it is. There’s the idea that no doubt, it can incite violence, and a heated a debate as to whether it should be allowed to.

Reports have been arguing left and right about it, not really coming into any conclusion. What they did however, certainly served an effective marketing ploy to get many to want to buy tickets, no matter which side they are aligned with. 

Watching the movie for some turned out to be anti-climatic. After all those arguing left and right, painting the picture that it’s going to be violent, but justifiably so, some critics think the movie turns out quite uninteresting. And boring. 

The New York Times’ critique of the movie just showed how disappointing it was, making all those hardcore debates kind of moot. According to the reviewer, to be worth arguing out, the movie should have been interesting, at least. However, “Joker” turned out to be an “empty. foggy exercise in second-hand style and second-rate philosophizing” and did not even have any thought-provoking themes. The reviewer, A.O. Scott, added that the film turns out afraid of its own shadow and was irrelevant at best. Harsh review. 

The movie was so bad for him that he said it was Todd Phillips’ worst — so bad that he is unsure how it could be directed by Phillips at all. The director is known for the masterpieces, “The Hangover” and “Road Trip.” 

Naturally, one bad review does not mean “Joker” is no longer worth watching - even though bad seems to be an underestimate. 

According to the CNET’s take on the movie, the origin story was intense and NOT funny, which is a compliment. In addition, there’s Joaquin Phoenix to love and appreciate! One of Arthur or Joker’s many problems is a condition that can cause him to life even at the weirdest and most inappropriate times and the actor certainly depicted this problem to the hilt. He had to giggle while crying, laugh while in pain, snort in laughter while great sobs are coming out from the depths of his soul. 

To watch or not to watch. your call.

Joker Cover photo of 'Joker.' Joker/Facebook