Mexican singer and musician José José was admitted to intensive care at a hospital in Mexico City after his blood pressure increased when a paparazzi managed to enter the hospital and tried to capture some images of his convalescence.

Laura Núñez, his manager held a press conference outside the hospital where she announced what had happened. Núñez reported that "El Príncipe de la Canción" (The Prince of Song) is stable and that everything ended just in a shock. Without confirming if the paparazzi managed to take some images of the "El Triste" singer, she said that the person "ran away" adding that "obviously people are not going to get in. We're taking good care of our family member and we're not going to run after a delinquent," making it clear that nobody tried to arrest the photographer. "Your prestige (as reporters) is at risk, those who truly work," she added. Núñez finally reported that the singer's children visit his famous father, however, visits must be staggered and for a short time, because for now extreme hygiene is required.

In March 2017, José José announced that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Months after chemo and a surgery, his doctors were positive that he would survive. In November, the singer had a surgery at the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición in Mexico City for a little over four hours, led by oncologist Carlos Chan, a specialist in liver and pancreas cancer, that according to Núñez was a success. 

Though the 69-year-old is very sick and as a result has lost a lot of weight, he states that he's not ready to die. I've got a thousand things to do at all levels, personally and professionally," he told TV y Novelas in 2015. José José has been crooning the world with his romantic melodies since the early 1960s. To pay homage to the singer, Telemundo Studios announced “Nace un Ídolo,” a serialized biography based on the real-life story of the Mexican musical icon.

According to the statement, the media company will recreate his story embodying a man’s journey to reach the status of an idol — including fame and fortune — and the high price he had to pay to achieve his dreams. The series highlights the passion and excitement that a superstar artist feels for his craft and the adoration of his fans while also displaying the frailty of the man coping with his addiction and its damaging effects.