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While it seems like the trend of people in the music industry having run-ins with the law is a constant battle, one artist is fighting for his life. After being arrested in Mexico,the Chicano rapper will finally be facing his day in court after being extradited from Mexico on murder charges.

According to FOX News Latino, the Chicano rapper Jose Martin, aka “Conejo” also know as “Rabbit”, evaded U.S. authorities for almost 14 years while continuing to put out gangster-themed songs and videos.

The Los Angeles Times reports that police detectives and the FBI Fugitive Task Force believe he was a suspect in the 2001 murder of 25-year-old Mario Eduardo Gutierrez.

The site reports that Martin was at a party in the Vermont Square neighborhood of Los Angeles when a fight broke out between the DJ and several gang members. The victim attempted to stop the fight and help the DJ by taking out his gun and firing several shots in the air, but his weapon was taken away.

He was allegedly taken outside, where he was shot several times and pronounced dead at the scene. Martin along with Edger Luna, aka “Looney,” were identified as the primary suspects in the murder. Ever since the investogation started, Martin skipped town to Mexico.

Unfortunately for the rapper, on November 16 he was captured by Mexican athorities in Baja Californis were he was immediately extradted to face the murder charges.

While the news has circulated amog the music industry and to his fans, Martin’s Facebook page has made numerous pleas to "Free Conejo," linking to a crowd-funding site named Funded Justice. The goal of the page is to raise $30,000 for Conejo's defense. In 5 days, less than $1,000 has been pledged.

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