The Knight Before Christmas
Vanessa Hudgens stars in a romantic comedy featuring a medieval knight and a modern-day science teacher. Netflix

“The Knight Before Christmas” was just released a month ago but it quickly became one of the top favorite holiday movies among film lovers. But the excitement doesn’t end there as lead actors Josh Whitehouse and Vanessa Hudgens are planning a big surprise for fans of Netflix’s romantic comedy.

Based on recent reports, there’s a good chance that “The Knight Before Christmas 2” might be happening. Whitehouse and Hudgens are, in fact, discussing ideas on what the sequel could bring, according to Insider.

Both actors feel that there’s a need for “The Knight Before Christmas” story to continue. “We both think that, given the way the film ends, it feels as though [a sequel] would tell the story of the brother, Geoffrey,” Whitehouse said. “Perhaps it should be his adventure next, and we go to a new world and some kind of new story.”

Vanessa Hudgens was also the co-producer of the original film. Now that she’s giving it a serious consideration already, the chance of the sequel happening is even greater.

“The Knight Before Christmas” is a story about a medieval knight Sir Cole, played by Josh Whitehouse, who time traveled from 1334 to 2019. When he arrived in modern times, he met the cynical science teacher Brooke, who is played by Vanessa Hudgens.

Brooke helped Cole adjust to living in the modern age. Along the way, the pair ended up falling in love with each other.

More importantly, the audiences love their romantic story that the film quickly became one of the top favorite holiday rom-com movies. Polygon even ranked it ninth in its list of top 14 Netflix Christmas movies.

For “The Knight Before Christmas 2,” Hudgens and Whitehouse are toying with the idea of tweaking the original movie’s plot to reverse the situation of its two main characters. In the first movie, it was Cole who went to the future to meet with Brooke. In the sequel, there’s a chance that it would be Brooke who’ll be traveling to the past to meet Cole.

“We've also talked about the possibility of Sir Cole and Brooke going back in time to medieval times and she has to try to fit in with his world, which could also be really cool,” Whitehouse revealed.

At this point, nothing is definite yet but it’s nice to know that “The Knight Before Christmas 2” is already being considered. Stay tuned to Latin Times for more entertainment updates.

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