Juan Pablo Galavis
Juan Pablo Galavis and Mario Lopez WireImages

Juan Pablo Galavis has become the center of controversy: the Latino Bachelor contestant has not only come under fire for his shocking anti-gay comments, a new revelation suggests that the single father didn't pay child support - for two years! Documents obtained by the National Enquirer reveal that the former soccer star was given an incume deduction order from The Florida Department of Rev­enue’s Child Support Enforcement Program for not paying almost four thousand dollars in child support to his former girlfriend Carla Rodriguez.

Juan Pablo Galavis has been open about the fact that he came on the show to find a stepmother for his five-year-old daughter Camila: he is portrayed as a loving father who regularly departs from the show to spend more time with his little girl. However, the revealing court documents tell a different story. The Florida Court ordered employers to deduct $243.94 per month for child support, plus $49.00 per month for retroactive child support until the outstanding balance of $3,574.57 was paid.

Juan Pablo Galavis resigned from his professional soccer career with Miami FC in 2008 after finding out that his then-girlfriend Latina actress Carla Rodriguez, was pregnant. However, his relationship with Rodriguez broke down not long after, and Galavis turned to the entertainment industry, competing on the Bachelorette in 2013 but being eliminated after six episodes. He has recently come under fire for callign gay people "perverted" and saying that a gay bachelor "would be too hard for TV.”

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