Juan Pablo Jiménez's suspicious death now has a possible cause. Chile's PDI investigative police unit detained a 16-year-old suspected of shooting Jiménez, a longtime president of the union for Ingenieria Electrica Azeta.

Juan Pablo Jiménez died Feb. 21 after being shot by an unknown assailant. The PDI cross-referenced information on the teen after the boy committed himself to Barros Luco Hospital with multiple bullet wounds to his lower body on Easter Sunday. The anonymous boy allegedly took part in a recent violent brawl in San Joaquin, Chile. The homicide division of the PDI said that a "crazy bullet" hit Juan Pablo Jiménez on the day of his death.

Police raided the boy's home in Legua, Chile, and found ammunition matching that of the shot that killed Jiménez. Victor Arriagada, head of the PDI Homicide unit said that "there is no direct link between victim and victimizer," which absolved the suspicions of Juan Pablo Jiménez's family that a previous lawsuit over labor abuses was the trigger of the murder. Reports said that the 16-year-old shooter was not aiming to hit Jiménez at the time.