Rumor has it that “Pretty Woman” star Julia Roberts is being too nosy in her husband Danny Moder’s life. Reports suggest that Roberts has been cautiously involved in the kind of projects her husband is opting for, the recent one being a film with Sean Penn, titled “Flag Day.”

Reports suggest that Roberts is worried that Penn might be having a bad influence on her husband, who is a cinematographer. “Julia and Sean are old friends, and she’s worried that his womanizing and hard-partying might rub off on Danny,” a supposed insider informed Star.

The film includes younger actresses Bailey Noble and Katheryn Winnick, and Roberts is apparently not ok with that. “Julia does her research, not just for her own films, but for Danny’s too, because she likes to know who’s involved – mainly, which actresses could potentially lure him away,” claimed the source. “It’s no wonder Julia’s jealousy and insecurity issues have reared their ugly head.”

But is there any truth to these reports, or is it just another baseless rumor? Here’s looking at the facts. To begin with, the makers of “Flag Day” have already wrapped up the shooting, so there’s no chance that Roberts is concerned about who stars in the drama at this point of time.

In addition, Moder has been married to Roberts for the last 17 years, so it goes without saying that the two have immense trust in each other. There never has been an issue reported about him getting involved with female stars on set, so why now?

This isn’t the first time when a reputed publication has made such claims about the couple. New Idea had earlier falsely reported that Moder was upset about Roberts’ friendship with Penn. In July, there were also reports that Winnick was the reason behind Roberts and Moder’s alleged split, which was untrue by all means.

Back in June, Star had also claimed that the duo’s 17-year long marriage was “crumbling” due to their “differing lifestyles.” However, Gossip Cop debunked all such stories with legit proof, thus confirming that all is well between Roberts and her husband.

Julia Roberts Julia Roberts at the 2014 SAG Awards. Wireimage