Julian Gil Scores Win, Can See Son Matías Outside Court

Julián Gil
The telenovela heartthrob continues his legal battle with Marjorie de Sousa over visitation rights of their baby. GettyImages

The main reason Julián Gil took Marjorie De Sousa to court was for the right to be able to see his son Matías, since then a legal battle has played publicly. Now, Gil has scored a victory in the case as his legal representative informed Televisa Espectáculos that he will now be able to see his son outside of the courthouse. The "Sueño De Amor" actor will also be able to spend time with his baby at his own home. A request has been made to De Sousa and the infant's doctor to notate the time the baby eats and any special care so that Julián is made aware.

News of the win comes after Marjorie petitioned for a DNA test to make it clear that Julián is the father of the baby, but Julián's lawyer clears the situation. "The process wasn't submitted because it wasn't ideal neither was the judge competent to overlook that process," he said. The Televisa report also notes that most likely in two weeks their will be a resolution to when Gil will be able to finally see Matías again without the legal supervision.

Julián Gil was more than willing to submit himself to a DNA test as he is sure that he is the baby's father. "I am surprised by this decision," he wrote in an Instagram post. "There will be a time where I'll be able to talk about this with all of you, for now I can assure you that in my hear there's no doubt that Matías is my son and I am willing to do the test when they ask me to."

Gil and De Sousa have been involved in an ugly legal battle over child support. The DNA test comes on the heels of the former's lawyers asking the judge to lower the percentage Gil has to pay out from 20% to 4%. Recently, Marjorie's team slammed Julián for not paying his part.  "Since March he has not given absolutely anything," she said in an "Hoy" interview. Since [the baby] was born he has only given 16,000 Mexican pesos [$900 dollars], six diaper packages, two cans of milk, two bottles of water, that's all he's given the baby. Starting in April he has not given anything."

arlier in the year Julián Gil won a battle after asking to see his son. A judge ruled that the actor could see Matias only an hour a week. "All I have asked for is to be able to see him," he told "Dando Candela." "If at this moment they only allow me to see him for an hour, that is what I will do. In all this process what I am fighting for is the rights of my son. I don't think a father should be limited to seeing their child unless they are a delinquent where a father represents a danger to the child, but if they are not a danger, the healthiest thing is to have a normal relationship."

After weeks of rumors, Marjorie de Sousa confirmed in April she had split from Julián Gil. "The relationship with Julián Gil has come to an end," she said in the statement. "There have been many versions, including statements from my team that were never offered. Nobody has said anything about the situation, for respect to my son, the public who I work for and because we are public figures that are exposed to personal situations like this that are not enjoyable to share and that at times one can judge without knowing." "There's a legal process from both sides, even though from my part I looked for an amicable and personal dialogue, that was not the case from the other party and that is why my team of attorneys will take care of everything, along with the Mexican law, that is where my son was born. They will decide how things go from now on."

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