Ryan Garcia, Boxing
Ryan Garcia was arrested on June 8 for felony vandalism; he also faces a possible ban for the use of banned substances in his fight vs Devin Haney Cris Esqueda/Via Golden Boy/Getty Images

SEATTLE - The only way of learning from personal experiences is to reflect on them, something Julio César Chávez Jr. seems to be doing with Ryan Garcia's recent behavior. They say experience is the best teacher, and Chávez Jr. believes his troubled past helps him understand Garcia's situation as of lately.

25-year-old Garcia was arrested on Saturday, June 8, for felony vandalism at a Beverly Hills hotel, with the establishment accusing him of causing an estimated $15,000 in damage according to the local Police Department.

Chávez Jr. himself got in some legal trouble earlier this year, as he spent four nights in jail after being booked on suspicion of two counts of possession of an assault weapon and one count of possession of a short-barreled rifle or shotgun, according to records by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Talking to Ricardo López Suárez from La Opinión, Chávez Jr. was asked about Garcia's situation. He had some advice, warning his fellow boxer of all the good and bad things that come with the sport.

When asked about Garcia, Chávez Jr. said that "he is a little unhinged. He is a good kid but he has been unhinged as of lately, that's well known," he said.

"He has to be careful on how he lives his life because look, he is in a dangerous sport, receiving punches...he has to be careful with his mental health, with selecting his friend circle," Chávez Jr. said after the reporter's question. "He also had an issue with his mom being sick recently. All of those things, if you are not careful, can do you lots of harm. I hope he is okay, he is a good kid," Chávez Jr. added.

Having gone through some similar things, Chávez Jr. also had a message for Garcia. "I know him, he is a good kid, but fame...," Chávez Jr. said. "I think he has had issues battling depression and maybe he has used some substances too and well the friends that surround him," he added.

According to TMZ, the felony vandalism charges are not the first time Garcia has been in trouble with the law in recent weeks. The news outlet reported that Garcia had another incident earlier last week, when authorities responded to a call for a welfare check after one of Garcia's relatives said the boxer needed assistance.

Garcia's attorney, Darin T. Chavez, said in a statement that the arrest came "at an extraordinarily challenging time for Ryan, as he has been grappling with devastating news regarding his mother's health."

Garcia's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the news have really taken a toll on the boxer's life. On June 1, the Mexican-American fighter tweeted from his X account that if his mom dies, he is going with her.

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