Justin Bieber has sparked speculations that he’s gay following a comment he wrote on Pastor Rich Wilkerson’s Instagram. In his now-deleted comment, Bieber lashed out at the pastor like an ex who had been cheated on.

Pastor Wilkerson is one of Bieber’s pastors in their church. Earlier this week, the pastor shared a photo of his family on Instagram showing his pregnant wife and himself holding their son on his lap.

“This is how our family feels about @youschurch tomorrow,” he captioned the photo. “Hope you can make it. Preaching a new message all day called ‘Waiting on the Call.’”

Bieber immediately commented on the post and accused the pastor of being a cheater, calling him “a heathen, a hypocrite, and an adulterer.” The male singer then took his comment down, but some eagle-eyed fans were able to capture a screengrab of his comment before it disappeared.

Bieber’s comment shocked fans, with some saying that the hitmaker sounded like a disgruntled ex. Now fans are thinking that Bieber and Pastor Wilkerson might actually be former gay lovers and that Bieber is hating on his pastor because he left him to go back to his wife.

“Yeah, they were gay,” one fan commented. “Why do I feel like the pastor cheated on his wife with Justin? Did he leave Justin and go back to his wife? Is that what’s happening? Is that why he’s really mad?” another fan commented.

Meanwhile, one fan noted that Bieber might be mad at the pastor for a different reason. As previously reported, the pastors in Bieber’s church have been pressuring the singer to hold an official wedding party. “If the pastor is a cheater and yet is trying to shame Justin because he hasn’t had a wedding party then that could explain why Justin is lashing out like this,” the fan noted.

Before rumors about Bieber’s falling out with Pastor Wilkerson spread like wildfire on Instagram this week, the male singer had been linked to another pastor in their church. If the rumors are true, then Pastor Wilkerson might not be the first pastor to have had a broken relationship with Bieber.

Carl Lentz, another pastor at Hillsong Church who’s also a friend of Pastor Wilkerson, was also reported to have had a major falling out with Bieber. The pastor reportedly refused to congratulate Bieber on his engagement to Baldwin last year because he was said to be jealous of his new girl. Lentz and Bieber were rumored to be in a relationship before Baldwin came into the picture.

Justin Bieber Justin Bieber at American Music Awards 2015 Red Carpet. Getty Images