Is Justin Bieber’s new diet giving nightmares to wife Hailey, because of how it makes him stink? Well, the popular rumors are a hoax.

The “Yummy” singer isn’t on any questionable diet, which has resulted in embarrassing body odors for the star. Gossip Cop was quick to quash the dubious report that was published in this week’s issue of “Globe”, which goes on to conjure up horrifying details about Bieber’s new diet—which is far from true.

The report starts off on a rather dramatic note, calling Bieber’s new-found diet an “an intense body and mind cleanse” which has made the singer a tad obsessive. The phony source in the report alleges that Bieber follows a rather bizarre regime in adherence to the diet, which sees him sitting in the sauna for hours on end and meditate to purge both his mind and body for evils. The extreme diet has had him make radical changes to his diet: Bieber reportedly consumes “weird herb teas” and eating “nothing but sauerkraut and beets for days at a time.”

The report, which makes for an interesting read, is bogus beyond measure. Aside from there being little truth in the whole story (Well, a source close to Bieber termed the report “absurd”. And, that’s not all—the report also mentions that the new lifestyle change is creating a lot of stress in Bieber’s marriage.

Hailey is apparently irked and feels helpless—and things may soon hit the rock bottom if Bieber sticks to his strange ways. Simply put, the publication is milking on Bieber’s health issues (his battle with Lyme is well-known.) but the failure to provide any incisive reasoning as to why he’s resorting to these ideas questions the credibility of the issue.

Truth be told, there is NOTHING wrong in Bieber and Hailey’s marriage. The young couple is in love, and the same was evidenced when Bieber shared a picture of himself in self-isolation with his quarantine on Instagram earlier this week. Not too long ago, another fake rumor surrounded Bieber—which had tabloid stress about how Bieber had become obsessed with his death.

Sure, these stories might prove worrisome for fans. But, fortunately, none of these reports contain an iota of truth in them.

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