Justin Quiles Talks Hit Single ‘María’ And His Celebrity Crush J.Lo [EXCLUSIVE]

Justin Quiles, 'María' music video
Justin Quiles, 'María' music video. Screenshot Vevo

Justin Quiles got his fans dancing all summer to his latest single ‘María’ showing his versatility as he transitioned from reggaeton to urban-tropical pop. Justin wants to keep experimenting with new beats, different types of music and collaborate with more of his favorite artists. We talked to him exclusively about his musical inspirations, his years in Puerto Rico, Conneticut, and his current home in Florida. Quiles is very laid back and open about his celebrity crush and his future endeavors. Don’t forget to check out his video!

Latin Times: What was the transition from reggaeton to urban pop like?

Justin Quiles: Well, the first single I worked on, called “Orgullo” was reggaeton and it did really well, but I wanted to try something different. I love experimenting with different types of music and found this producer from Argentina who sent me a beat which I used to come up with “María.” It’s a fun, crazy song that talks about partying, girls and cops taking María away from me. I’m still planning to do reggaeton again, but I want to do all kinds of music; I can do merengue, bachatas, tropical, tropical pop. I don’t want to stay just in one lane. I’m going to keep switching it up.

LT: Justin, tell us who María is.

JQ: [Laughs] Everybody asks me the same question. I didn’t dedicate this song to anyone, I just wanted to do my own version of María, it’s just a name people can relate to. Ricky Martin has a song called “María” and so does Santana so I wanted to do my own version of it.

LT: Who’s your musical inspiration?

JQ: I don’t really have an idol but I remember my brother always brought records home and we listened to El General, salsa, lots of hip hop and lots of other artists. I grew up listening to all sorts of music, that’s why I want to try so many of them.

LT: Do you get to go back often to Puerto Rico? Is that home?

JQ: I grew up in Puerto Rico until I was 15 years old, then we moved to Connecticut to finish school. I tried going back to Puerto Rico a few years later but that didn’t work out so I came back to the US, got signed and at the moment, Miami is my home.

LT: Justin, tell us who your ultimate celebrity crush is?

JQ: Ohhh, I like Jennifer Lopez a lot. I think she’s so hot and I was watching the VMA’s the other day and she killed it in that dress, OMG. So gorgeous; I don’t know how she stays looking like that.

LT: What other projects are you working on at the moment?

JQ: Right now, I’m working on my new album called “La Promesa” (“The Promise”) which we’re probably going to release at the beginning of next year. I’ve also been working as a songwriter with other artists. I had the opportunity to work with Yandel on his new album and a mix tape called “Legacy.” I’m trying to combine being a songwriter and composer, as well as a singer. I'm very excited for what's coming up next for my career.

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