Karla Luna has died at the age of 38. The former "Las Lavanderas" actress was battling cancer for the third time and sadly this time she was not able to combat it. Luna put up a good fight and mere days before the fatal news, she was still giving life a go celebrating her birthday. Her close friend Fernando Lozano confirmed the devastating news on Twitter: "With great sadness I share that my dear Karla Luna is now resting..."

On September 18 she took to Twitter to write the following: "The greatest strength is in the mind, that's where the real battle is at and I am winning. Let's go warriors, we can all make it with God by our side." 

Five days ago on Instagram she shared words of wisdom about her process. "Every day counts for everyone, every day should be special and add to your life, as every human has their own battles and war and they're all important. It doesn't matter how big or small they are, they are all valuable for us and for God. That's the beauty of it, if we're able to see it, we know that God never abandons us, we need to believe in his word and promises. Faith is most important, we can't lose it because emptiness comes with many dark things that doesn't helps us come out of our storm."

She also added: "Don't allow what is not for you. Don't fear, have faith and believe in him, believe in God, believe in Jesus. I believe and you know... I feel fine and I know a miracle will son come by. I love you all, thank you for your prayers and I will keep on fighting and grateful for another day. Thankful for that anonymous angel that visited me today and brought me a word of life."

Karla Luna was diagnosed with cancer for the third time in 2016 on the left side of her neck. She rose to fame on the comedy show "Las Lavanderas" on TeleHit. The show was plagued by controversy when it was revealed that Luna's co-host, Karla Panini, was allegedly having an affair with her husband. The comedy couple split up and had words that played out in the media. As news of Luna's passing went viral online, social media users started attacking Panini. It's no coincidence that the latter closed her Twitter account to shield herself from all the negativity.

Karla Luna had recently received a visit at the hospital from her friend Consuelo Duval. She posted a photo with an illuminated face that showed how happy she was. "I can't, my face says it all," she wrote. "Thank you Consuelo Duval for illuminating my day with magic. You don't say FRIEND just because and I am fortunate of having you my friend."


Gloria Trevi saw the post and Luna was elated that she retweeted it. "My beloved queen, Gloria Trevi, wrote," Luna posted. "You don't know how happy I am. This is the best birthday present. Thank you beautiful, I love you so much and I will keep fighting, yes I will. Thank you all for everything and for so much love, for all the beautiful things you write that uplifts me to keep going. I read all of them and I am grateful."