Kate Middleton and Prince William have three children, and a fourth one may be coming sooner than expected. Royal observers dissect the Duchess of Cambridge’s body language and found that she has been dropping hints about her pregnancy.

The duchess’ pregnancy rumors are actually not new. Such reports have been circulating since giving birth to Prince Louis. Now some people claim that she is really expecting another child with Prince William, and here are the clues she dropped that suggest that Kensington Palace will make a pregnancy announcement in the near future.

Kate and Prince William attended the Royal Ascot on June 19, and she looks stunning in her flowing light blue lace dress. The event is one of the most anticipated social gatherings in the U.K. that even Queen Elizabeth regularly attends it with the other members of the family.

At the event, the duchess has pictures that showed her putting her hands on her stomach. She has many pictures where she has her hands placed in her midsection while she clutches her purse. Observers stated that she was being protective and subtly using her hands to shield the baby in her womb.

It was pointed out that Kate has the glow of someone who would be a mom. She was so radiant at the Royal Ascot, and the baby could be the reason for her blooming looks.

Moreover, Prince William’s wife already said before that she would love to have more children. She is prepared if they will be blessed with another child. So even if the baby arrives soon, there is no issue with it.

“Catherine would like another baby," the insider told The Daily Mail. “She loves children and is prepared to put herself through another pregnancy even though they have been complicated by severe morning sickness in the past.”

While Kate clearly stated that she wants to have more kids, the confirmation if she is really pregnant needs to come from Kensington Palace. Not long ago, she denied the pregnancy news by telling the crowd in Northern Island that Prince William will be worried when they shouted “baby no.4!” after asking the duchess about a new baby.

Kate Middleton Photo of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Getty Images