Princess Charlotte is an ordinary 4-year-old, after all. Her mom, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is an ordinary mom after all, too. At the King’s Cup regatta at Cowes, the mother-daughter duo surprised and amazed many by how they behaved. 

In an amusing video uploaded by InStyle Magazine on its official Instagram page, many saw how normal of a child Princess Charlotte can be and how patient of a mother Middleton could be.

In the video, when Middleton asked her daughter to wave at the crowd, the child naturally did not obey. Instead, like most kids her age, she did something else probably much more fun for and made more sense to her.

She stuck her tongue out at the crowd of the start-studded event and instead of immediately being mad, Middleton burst out laughing, after trying to subtly reprimand Charlotte. It was apparent that the mother-of-three is a patient mom, who knows how to let kids just be kids, no matter their status. 

It was endearing to see for the onlookers, as reported by Daily Mail UK. "Just a normal child! You can’t control their every move,' one wrote on social media. Another wrote, “Kate's response was fantastic!”

Others thought Princess Charlotte was extra adorable with what she did, even though it was not very royal of her. One claimed that she’s just like another child her age, which is a fantastic revelation. “'Kids are the equalizer. It doesn’t matter who you are. Movie star, doctor, athlete, or royal, kids don’t care and it’s their world and they’re going to do what they do. And if you think probably don’t have kids,' one wrote. 

While Kate found the tongue-sticking out incident funny, a body language expert believes that Middleton’s mom, Grandma Carole thinks it should be a naughty behavior nipped in the bud.

According to the Sun, Judi James told Fabulous Digital that, “tongue-poking in children is a learned or copied gesture that they tend to mimic from other small children, although adults will often use it in play rituals with them too.”

That said, it is known as a cheeky behavior that can only be a bit naughty, but if parents just laugh at it, children will think it is alright to continue doing it, James said.. This is why the body language expert thinks Carole is not that amused as Kate is. 

“It allows the child to be a little bit shocking but also funny at the same time and that in turn can make them feel a bit more grown-up,” the expert says about the tongue-sticking behavior just laughed at. “Kate’s reaction is hilarious here and probably totally appropriate for the moment, although Grandma Carole looks as though she might be thinking of nipping this playful naughtiness in the bud,” she analyzed. 

Charlotte was with her brother, Prince George at the event to support their parents.  

Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton Princess Charlotte and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. attend the presentation following the King's Cup Regatta on August 08, 2019, in Cowes, England. Samir Hussein/WireImage