Kate Middleton is a hands-on mum. But, the Duchess of Cambridge is fiercely protective of her kids and understands the need for a normal, balanced upbringing for their mental health. Royal insiders believe that Kate is deeply inspired by the late Princess Diana’s freestyle parenting, and wants something similar for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

While Kate’s aware of her current lifestyle, responsibilities, and power that come with being a royal is far from easy. But, she’s trying her best to give the kids a slice of reality—through grounded upbringing. Kate has made it a point to give her kids a bigger and better understanding of life outside of the Kensington Palace. “They spend as much time as possible at Anmer Hall, their home in Norfolk, because that is where they can live as normal a life as possible,” said a royal insider. This means the Duchess of Cambridge slips into a normal mommy’s role whenever and for as long as she can. Kate’s often spotted taking the kids to the beach, to the woods for a long stroll, and they go to the fairs and equestrian events as well. The royal mum and her kids reportedly say with the fans when they went to see Norwich play Prince William’s team Aston Villa.

Onlookers have spotted Kate doing supermarket rounds near Anmer Hall. She loves shopping with her kids, picking up grocery and giving them a taste of regular life. Kate’s proud of her upbringing and believes that she spent her childhood feeling loved, valued and supported by parents, peers, and teachers. And, she wishes for the same for her three children.

Her innate passion for finding joy in simple things, and desire to raise their children in a regular environment amid royal responsibilities was evidenced last week when Kate went Halloween outfit shopping with  George, 6, and Charlotte, 4, at a supermarket near Anmer Hall “It was lovely to see her just being a normal mum shopping with her kids,” said an onlooker.

This isn’t the first time Kate made conscious efforts to mingle and get herself and her kids a taste of normalcy. Kate was spotted hobnobbing with other parents at the Hollywood Arms pub, during a recent get-together. She made an appearance through a secret entrance, but made it to the event and had a great time, nevertheless.

Kate’s irrefutably one of the most popular royals in the British royal family today. Turns out, the duchess of Cambridge is immensely grateful for how well she’s able to balance things, all thanks to Prince William’s support. While the latter did “struggle with his role as a parent” during his transition to fatherhood, Kate has loved every bit of the journey as a parent—including the challenging times. Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, are also quite certain about giving their royal grandchildren the grounded care and upbringing.

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, speak to Queen Elizabeth II on day one of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on June 18, 2019, in Ascot, England. Chris Jackson/Getty Images