It’s no secret that Kate Middleton is a fan of bright colors on her outfits throughout her time as royalty, but different reports claim that there’s one that she never wore and will never do. Harper’s Bazaar has noticed that the Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t worn orange since the time she became part of the royal family.

The closest getups she had to wearing the color was a blood-red orange outfit, but it was more reddish than orange. Another one was in 2013, when Kate sported a peach ensemble.

“Kate’s style has changed dramatically over the years, however, it has become more refined with the type of duties she now has to perform as a royal,” royal fashion expert Natasha Henson shared. “Kate appears to have understated confidence in her style choices and chooses pieces that represent her position as a positive role model,” the British Style Society editor added.

This insight didn’t directly answer why she shied away from orange, but Henson emphasized how it consciously altered her sense of fashion to properly reflect her stature in a subdued way that’s still accessible to all of her followers. Kate wants to show everyone how an “easy refined style” can still be pulled off without breaking the bank.

As for her favorite color, Hola is pointing to green as a staple color in her wardrobe. From her dresses to trench coats, the duchess has demonstrated the versatility and flexibility of this color, which perfectly complements her pale green eyes and brown hair. Adding a classy touch are accessories with neutral tones that only make her stand out more.

Throughout the years, followers of the royal family and fashionistas have been awed by how Kate became the epitome of grace and regal poise. She has donned everything from electric blues to bold magenta pinks, save for oranges, of course. Though she seems to be brand conscious, she’s not afraid to rewear statement pieces, such as a recent Alexander McQueen, making its appearance again at the recent opening of V&A Dundee.

Kate is a lot of things. But tacky and cheap aren’t one of them.

Kate Middleton Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, patron of 100 Women in Finance's Philanthropic Initiatives, delivers a speech at a Gala Dinner in aid of ‘Mentally Healthy Schools’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum on February 13, 2019, in London, England. The Duchess of Cambridge is stunning in a pink and white Gucci dress. Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images