A 23-year-old Dominican man has died after winning a drinking competition that consisted of chugging a whole bottle of tequila. The man was at Vacca Lounge, a famous nightclub in La Romana, an eastern province in the Dominican Republic, where he collapsed after earning $30,000 pesos, a little over US$600, beating 10 other contestants to it.

Kelvin Mejia Perozo was pronounced dead after being rushed to a hospital minutes after he took the first place in the competition by drinking a bottle of tequila without stopping. Mejía was conscious when he collected the prize, but passed out around midnight because of alcohol intoxication, according to the medical examiner.

According to Ellis Gomez, Vacca Lounge manager, Mejía himself approached the group to make the bet "although some people advised him not to do it." The young man insisted that he was "going to drink the bottle in a single sip," Gomez revealed.

Mejía was a father of a newborn child, and according to some of his friends and the manager of the place, he used to frequent that nightclub very often. Authorities stated that all the information about the incident was collected on the spot for the corresponding inquiries and that they’ll release a statement very soon about the horrendous situation.