Christmas is all about presents, Santa, cookies, reindeers, eggnog, and gingerbread houses, so why not take all that is great about the holiday, and turn it into activities! After the Christmas morning rush of getting all what their little hearts desired from Santa, kids can tend to get a bit restless, and nobody wants to have to punish any children during the most wonderful time of year.

So instead of kids having tantrums, we have decided to provide you with another tactic: enough Christmas-themed activities till they fall fast asleep with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads! In order to keep all your guests happy this Christmas, kiddies and adults alike, we at Latin Times have put together a foolproof guide to surviving Christmas with kids, and it all begins with easy and free computer print out!

So fire up those printers, grab the crayons and prepare to your enjoy your yuletide times without cranky kid tears!

The first easy kid-friendly activity we propose is simple—coloring pages. While waiting for dinner to be served, place an array of free printable coloring pages on the kid’s table, have about 3-4 options and multiple copies of each, we don’t want kids fighting over pictures! Along with the coloring pages, spread out cups of crayons along the table, have a cup per child with an even amount of crayons in each. These should be spaced at an easy enough distance for each child to reach. Coloring pages and crayons are simple, and as mess free as it gets when it comes to kids. Check out the links below for free, printable Christmas coloring pages!

Free Printable Christmas Coloring Pages 1

Free Printable Christmas Coloring Pages 2

Free Printable Christmas Coloring Pages 3

Another easy table activity is puzzles. Puzzles come in a variety of styles, and can be a bit more time consuming then just coloring. Even better, for kids of varying ages, puzzles vary in difficulty, beginning with a simple complete the picture puzzle for younger Christmas guests, and ending with mazes, word searches and odd one out puzzles for older guests, still all holiday themed. Puzzles are a great Christmas Day activity because you can give each child a pencil which can be erased or clean off of nearly any surface, no mess, no fuss, more fun on the holiday! Check out these links below for free printable Christmas puzzles!

Free Printable Christmas Puzzles 1

Free Printable Christmas Puzzles 2

 Free Printable Christmas Puzzles 3

In addition to coloring and puzzles, there are a ton of easy kid-friendly activities for your yuletide guests. However, most of these other activities require a bit more supervision and a little bit more preparation than a simple click and print. Kids and maybe some of the less mature adults can enjoy the day crafting festive pieces. Try out some of these crafts that include constructing Darling Deer out of cardboard tubes, comfy and cozy Felt Christmas Stockings, and Tiny Twin Trees and a Chubby Santa out of cone water cups. Do note that all three of these easy kid friendly and merry crafts employ the use of scissors, glue and paint, so if you are not willing to fully supervise your smaller guests artistic process, you may want to stick with the coloring and puzzles! If you willing to hold an easy crafting session, check out the links below and enjoy!

Darling Deer Christmas Craft

Felt Christmas Stockings Craft

Tiny Twin Trees Craft