Killer Instinct Xbox One
"Killer Instinct" will get a "Halo" character in Season 3.

The next season of "Killer Instinct" is almost upon us and the new content on the horizon include a "Halo" crossover. The Arbiter from the "Halo" franchise will join the fighting game's roster when season three arrives.

Yesterday, Microsoft, 343 Industries and Iron Galaxy debuted The Arbiter in a new gameplay trailer. According to Polygon, the new video appears to be missing a recognizable feature, which is the voice of Keith David, who has portrayed the character in the main "Halo" games.

According to Frank O'Connor, franchise development director for "Halo" at 343, The Arbiter that appears in "Killer Instinct" is "an amalgam of historical arbiters."

"Killer Instinct" season 3 is scheduled to hit Xbox One and PC sometime in March. Until then check out the Arbiter in action below:

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