“Kimetsu No Yaiba” chapter 196 won’t be officially released until March 2 but, as expected, numerous spoilers are already making their rounds online. Surprisingly, they suggest that the main architect of Muzan’s downfall won’t be Tanjiro but someone totally unexpected.

“Kimetsu No Yaiba” chapter 196 will start with 35 minutes to go before sunrise. Nezuko heads off to find Tanjiro but, along the way, she will suddenly recall the time when her family was killed by Muzan.

Nezuko starts to notice that her body is starting to change. She becomes confused for a moment but an image of Tanjiro holding his hand out to her appears in her mind clearing up her confusion. The next thing she notices is that she is a human once more.

Meanwhile, Tanjiro and Obanai’s fight against Muzan continues in “Kimetsu No Yaiba” Chapter 196. With only 35 minutes left before the sun rises, the demon is increasingly becoming worried.

But it is not just the sun’s arrival that will have Muzan worried. Apparently, the changes within Muzan’s body due to Tamayo’s medicine start to enter another phase. The demon notices these changes and tries to escape, perhaps sensing that he would be in grave danger should he stay within the battlefield while the changes take place.

Observing the changes taking place in his body, Muzan suddenly realizes what is happening. “So that's it,” the demon concludes. “The three effects of that medicine are to make me human, to make me old, and to keep me from regenerating.”

The realization made Muzan very furious at the deceased demon doctor. But unknown to him, Tamayo had one more nasty surprise in store for him.

Tamayo suddenly appears in Muzan's mind and tells him of another shocking detail. “I'm sorry, but you are wrong,” Tamayo said, referring to Muzan’s discovery of the three effects of her medicine.

“That medicine has four effects,” Tamayo explains inside Muzan’s mind as the demon starts vomiting blood in the real world. “The fourth is to destroy the cells, because the first three effects help to weaken the body.”

Then Tamayo will tease Muzan and remind him of the inevitable demise. “Come on, you will have the death you have always hated,” the deceased demon says while smiling sarcastically.

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