Unlike her sisters, Kourtney Kardashian is seldom accused of going under the knife to enhance her features. However, this sun-kissed beauty is guilty of faking one thing with regards to her body.

If you have been following Kourtney for a while, you'd notice that her she always seems to have a sunkissed skin - a healthy, beachy glow wherever she goes. The golden tan is truly envy-worthy! But, Kourtney recently admitted that her tan is not at all times the real deal.

The mother-of-three revealed on her Poosh website that her lovely tan is all thanks to plenty of bronzer that she dons on her face and body.

She said, "With summer months long gone (minus the heatwave in Los Angeles), our golden tan from lounging in the sun (with SPF, of course) begins to fade."

"Which means it's time to up the bronzer in an effort to prolong our sun-kissed color as long as we can. Bronzer truly has the power to transform your face with contouring tricks or subtle swipes on your cheekbones."

The siren also posted pictures of herself on Instagram, where she looked sun-kissed and absolutely stunning. One photo was captioned, "Clean(ish) bronzers today on @poosh."

Apart from this, the oldest Kardashian also had another announcement to make. She's announced that she, along with her sisters Khloe and Kim, are launching their new fragrance called The Diamonds Collection.

She wrote, "Verified Happy to announce my new @kkwfragrance Diamonds Collection by Kourtney x Kim x Khloé. Working with my sisters for this collection was nostalgic. The fragrance is so personal, so being able to create my own scent from start to finish was an exciting experience. I wanted to create a vibrant one that matches my classic, playful vibe. The combination of Golden Berries, Jasmine and Vanilla is refreshing."

She also said, "This collection is really special because it's the first fragrance collaboration I've done with Kourtney and Khloe for my line. Each of the fragrances really capture us individually."