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Zelensky Demands Russian Withdrawal From Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant Photo by Mikhail Klimentyev/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images

A high-ranking official from the Kremlin has secretly reached out to western diplomats with information that could possibly end the war in Ukraine. Based on reports from an official, who supposedly is a member of President Vladimir Putin’s elite inner circle, approached the West claiming that the Kremlin is in a state of complete panic and utter disarray. The insider said that Russia is desperately looking for possible negotiations to end the fighting in a favorable manner.

According to the Mirror, these astounding claims regarding the Kremlin's current state and motives circulated quickly amongst western intelligence agencies and are believed to be the reason the Kremlin considered taking such actions.

The leaked document reads: “A representative from Putin’s inner circle sent a signal to the West about the desire to negotiate. The mood of the Kremlin elite is panic.” Some astonishing claims suggest that the Kremlin insider could be one of the pillars of the regime who approached the CIA, or other western intelligence agencies behind the Russian President’s back. Admittedly the official acknowledges the great risks involved in leaking such important information and said these matters are taken very seriously by western intelligence.

With this information being brought to light, the insider’s family and friends would be put in danger if their names should be revealed as Russia is quite thorough in catching and disposing of “rats” within its system. Putin has already fired many military commanders and senior intelligence agents, with some having mysteriously fallen ill and others disappeared entirely.

Anatoly Chubais, a former deputy prime minister who resigned in March as Putin’s special envoy to international organizations suddenly became seriously ill last month after experiencing numbness in his limbs. Reports said he is in intensive care suffering from a rare neurological disorder. It is a known secret that should any Kremlin politician publicly express a desire for peace in Ukraine or even criticize the Russian leader, their life and the lives of their families would be in grave danger.

The heavy sanctions placed on Russia by Western powers, have proven more damaging to the Russian economy and possibly have spooked senior officers and officials within Putin’s inner circle. A number of Kremlin figures are also worried about the amount of considerable risk being taken in the war, such as the attack at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

File photo of Vladimir Putin and Anatoly Chubais
(RUSSIA OUT) Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) listens to Rosnano Chairman Anatoly Chubais while visiting the Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant, in Chelyabinsk, Russia, December 5, 2016. Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

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