Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has called for a police investigation into a group of some 200 pro-immigration reform protestors who assembled outside his house over the weekend to demonstrate against his stances on immigration. Koburn and his family were out of town at the time.  "If we had been in the home and not been armed, I would have felt very afraid - because it took the police 15 minutes to show up," Kobach told FOX News. "It's important we recognize there's a reason we have the Second Amendment. There are situations like this where you have a mob and you do need to be able to protect yourself." The Sunflower Community Action group, which organized the protest, said in a statement that they decided to come to Kobach's house after he refused to meet with group leaders at his office in Topeka. Watch video of the protest below.

"He was testifying against immigration reform in Washington last month. We asked to speak to him and listen to our story, and again, he refused," Sunflower Community Action Executive Director Sulma Arias told the local CBS affiliate. Arias added that the protest had made an impact and that the group has no regrets about it.

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Kansas City police said they were investigating the matter, saying, "We are reviewing (sic) matter to determine if protestors violated any laws or ordinances," in a brief news release.

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Kobach said that at the very least, protestors trespassed on private property and made what he considers criminal threats. He added that their actions could also be seen as a terroristic threat because the protestors were aiming to bully him into changing his position.

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"I welcome debate, even aggressive debate," he said. "I do not accept the notion that a mob can swarm around a person's house...I was just appalled. They have a right to protect at my office or at my public places, that's fine. But they don't have the right to enter someone's private property and engage in this kind of intimidation. I have four little girls and they would have been terrified to see 200 protesters shouting at their daddy on megaphones on the front lawn." Koburn also said it was unacceptable that the police took 15 minutes to respond to the call about a "mob". "I shudder to think what would have happened if one of members of the mob had tried to break into the house."

In a statement published on its website, Sunflower Community Action wrote, "On Saturday Kansas families - including children who were separated from their parent's [sic] because of Secretary of State Kris Kobach's policies - prayed, rallied, and then peacefully gathered outside Sec. Kobach's home to remind him that Kansans believe in keeping families together. Sec. Kobach has spent years promoting policies that do not represent Kansan values, hateful policies that force our families, friends, and neighbors to live in fear across Kansas and America. Nowhere is safe from his vicious policies of racial profiling and home raids, and our peaceful protests outside his home have now even led to violent physical threats. Enough."