Kourtney Kardashian just revealed that she has no problem vacationing with Scott Disick and Sofia Richie but on one condition. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star was also the one who came up with the idea of inviting Sofia to join their family vacation.

In the new teaser released by E! for episode 4, Kourtney and Khloe are in the car, and they’re having a conversation. At first, Khloe is teasing Kourtney about her driving skills, but their conversation quickly turns serious.

Kourtney tells Khloe that she asked Scott to invite Sofia so that the supermodel could also spend time with them and their kids in Finland. Upon hearing the revelation, Khloe praises her sister and tells her that she’s such a good coparent to Mason, Penelope and Reign.

At this point, Kourtney says that as long as Scott and Sofia don’t make her feel left out when they’re together, she wouldn’t mind inviting her to their family trips. Khloe then asks Kourtney if they have asked how Sofia feels about the whole setup, and the mom of three says that she hasn’t.

Kourtney tells her younger sister that if someone needs to ask Sofia how she’s feeling, then it should be Scott. Khloe agrees with Kourtney.

In the previous teaser released by E! Kourtney and Scott are having a conversation about their upcoming trip. Scott tells his ex-girlfriend that he has no problem with all three of them hanging out. But the “Flip It Like Disick” star also admitted that things could easily become awkward between them.

The previous trailer also shows Sofia having a meal with Scott and Kourtney. The 21-year-old tells Scott that he’s more sophisticated toward her when his ex-girlfriend is around. The clip also shows Sofia and Kourtney seemingly heading to the spa together.

By the looks of it, Sofia and Kourtney would get along just fine. In fact, Sofia and Kourtney have hung out multiple times ever since their first trip together. Sofia has also bonded with Mason, Penelope and Reign.

Sofia and Scott’s relationship has also become more serious. After two years of dating, the couple is looking for a home in Malibu. This means that Sofia and Kourtney’s paths will definitely cross no matter what.

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