María Elena Velasco, better known as “La India María,” passed away this Friday in México informed Televisa this morning. The actress was 74.

Although the reason of her death hasn’t been officially revealed, it is suspected that she passed away from stomach cancer. About 12 years ago, it was reported that Velasco was being treated for the disease and when she was confronted about it, she denied that she was even sick. Last February however, after much speculation, Lourdes Pellegrino who is in charge of ANDA (National Actors Association) was questioned about the health issues that Velasco was supposedly facing, and once again, the information was denied.

The iconic “India María” made her last appearance at the premiere of “La Hija de Moctezuma” in 2014, which was Velasco’s last film as the emblematic character that we all love, and adore. During the event, María Elena Velasco herself, introduced the movie to the audience “It is different to everything that is out there, what we want with this film is to convey fun, laughter, relaxation, that is the function of this film, which is very different that any other genre.”

According to information revealed by Primero Noticias (News First) the remains of “La India María” will be honored at Félix Cuevas Funerary Home in México City.

María Elena Velasco was born in Puebla, México on December 17, 1940.  Amongst her most famous movies were “Ruletero a toda marcha” (1962), “El rey del tomate” (1963), “El revólver sangriento” (1964), “Los Derechos de los hijos” (1963), and “Ay María que puntería” (1998).