'La Isla' Azteca
Find out which "La Isla" veterans are returning for the all-star season coming to Azteca this year. Azteca

Azteca has announced the cast of the all-star season of "La Isla" 2016, which includes actors Geraldine Bazán and Fernando Alonso. The show brings backs some of the favorite contestants from the past four seasons for another shot at the grand prize . With this second chance, the competitors will try to make it to the finale and prove that they are worthy to be n4i the league of past champions María Renee Muñoz (2012), Cecilia Ponce (2013), Francisco Covarruibias (2014) and Jorge Lyle (2015).

"La Isla" is a reality show that mixes celebrities and civilians. Contestants are divided into three groups that are assigned to different beaches: Playa Alta has all the luxuries, beds to sleep in and food provided for them; Playa Media has less commodities but members do not have to hunt for their food; Playa Baja is the worst as the team are only provided with the basics and have to hunt for their own food. Each week they play different challenges where their physical and mental capabilities are tested. One day they play for the beach, next they compete for immunity, and last they fight to avoid vote off. The losing team votes a member off their beach.

"La Isla" is expected to start production this week and will air on Azteca US in the summer. Check out the full lineup below and tell us who is your bet to win this season:

1. María Fernanda Quiroz: Actress (2015)

2. Mariana Torres: Actress (2012)

3. Ana Ransanz: "Desconocida" (2013)

4. Gaby Fernández: Civilian (2012)

5. Tania Rincón: TV Host (2013)

6. Jorge Luis Vázquez: Actor (2015)

7. Juan Carlos Somoza: Civilian (2013)

8. Intocable: Wrestler (2015)

9. Geraldine Bazán: Actress (2013)

10. Dr. Wagner: Professional Wrestler (2014)

11. José Antonio Ferreira: Civilian (2015)

12. Victor Gonzalez: Telenovela Actor (2014)

13. Pepe Díaz: Entrepreneur (2015)

14. Ana La Salvia: Actress (2015)

15. Ricardo Alcalá: Civilian (2013)

16. Rafa Mercadante: TV Host (2012)

17. Julio César Frías: Civilian (2012)

18. Ivonne Montero: Actress (2013)

19. Fernando Alonso: Actor(2014)

20. Matías Novoa: Actor (2013)

21. Delia Garcia: Fashion Designer (2014)

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