"La Piloto" is the first series of Patricio Wills' ("La Reina Del Sur") new company W Studios. The series is based on the real testimony of Yolanda Cadena, a Mexican flight attendant (portrayed by actress Livia Brito), who accidentally ends up stuck in the world of drug trafficking by making illegal trips to carry drugs or money.

On the first episode you see how a very naïve Yolanda learns how to pilot a small plane and becomes a drug trafficker enthusiast by coincidence. She enters this dangerous business through her boyfriend, John Lucio (Arap Bethke), a smart drug dealer who finally betrays her and delivers her to her worst enemy: Colonel Santamaria.

The series had a great opening week and we wanted to share with you some of the best moments throughout the show's first episodes.

1- Yolanda saved John's life after their first kiss

Yolanda was really happy to pilot her first flight with John, who she kissed. The problem was, he abruptly fainted and she had to land the plane on her own to save their lives. Watch it here!

2- Dave was saved from being killed by John

John was furious to see Yolanda with Dave and was a step away from killing him. After leaving alive, Dave hurried to save Monica and revealed his identity as an agent of the DEA. Watch it here!


3- Lieutenant Monica saved Yolanda from being killed

Yolanda and Lizbeth were in the clutches of Oscar's men, who were one step closer to killing them. Fortunately, Lieutenant Monica arrived to stop them. Watch it here!

4- Oscar asked Dave to prove him that he is gay

Oscar surprised Dave in his apartment, who assured him he was gay. In the darkness, Oscar asked him to prove his homosexuality. Watch it here! 

5- Yolanda and Dave kissed and lived a very passionate night

Yolanda decided to move away from John and found in Dave a new love. After their first kiss they gave themselves to a passionate night, while John and Zulima did the same. Watch it here!

Which one was your favorite episode? Tell us about it!