It may look like everybody wants Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper to be together for real, but no. In fact, a lot of people from overseas are now flooding Lady Gaga’s Instagram with hate comments, accusing her of “stealing” Cooper from Russian model Irina Shayk and urging her to return Cooper to where he really belongs.

Cooper and Shayk broke up last month after being together for more than four years and having one child. Though the cause of the split remains unknown up to this time, numerous reports have claimed that Shayk initiated the breakup because of Lady Gaga, whom Cooper has been linked to in recent months. The romance rumors involving Lady Gaga and Cooper have reportedly taken their toll on Shayk, so she decided to call it quits with her longtime beau.

While both Lady Gaga and Cooper have already maintained that they’re just friends, fans of Shayk couldn’t help but think that Lady Gaga was the reason behind the Cooper-Shayk split. Now thousands of trolls from Russia, where Shayk is from, are flooding Lady Gaga’s Instagram with demands to give Cooper back to Shayk. The barrage of nasty comments comes from mostly Russian women who feel that Shayk has been slighted because of Lady Gaga.

Some trolls are even pitting Lady Gaga against Shayk, stressing how far more beautiful Shayk is than the female singer. “Our Irina’s legs are still longer,” one troll commented.

“You took not only a man from Shayk, but also followers from Buzova,” another commented, referencing the Russian star Olga Buzova. “Gaga, take Petrosvan, he was already divorced!” joked another troll.

While most of the comments seem to come from Shayk’s fans, who are clearly pissed by Lady Gaga’s alleged romantic links with Cooper, some just seem to lurk in the singer’s Instagram just to be along for the ride.

“I have no idea how I got here and what I’m doing here, but the Russians are here, so I’m here,” one commented. “Guys, what series to watch in the evening? Game of Thrones is over, who is watching now?” another one asked in Russian.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga perform onstage during the 91st Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on February 24, 2019, in Hollywood, California. Kevin Winter/Getty Images