When Lady Gaga announced her split with her ex Christian Carino on Feb. 19, many were surprised as it seemed to come out of the blue, especially since it happened just a few days after Valentine’s Day. But some people did a little investigating, and now saying that the split may not be as abrupt as it appeared, there were actually clues indicating that the actual breakup might have happened a while ago but was just kept secret by both parties.

Lady Gaga’s Grammy Awards Appearance

According to an article by PEOPLE, an unidentified source confirmed that the couple already split “a bit ago.” In fact, there were already clues out in the open long before the announcement, if people were just attentive enough.

One such clue can be gleaned during the 32-year-old singer and actress’ appearance at the Feb. 10 Grammy Awards. If people were attentive enough, they would have noticed that Gaga attended the ceremony without wearing their engagement ring, which hints at their relationship status at that point in time. Another telling clue is that Carino did not accompany Gaga during that ceremony.

They Might Have Spent Valentine’s Day Apart

There are also speculations that the couple was not together during Valentine’s Day, a possibility that was confirmed by another unidentified source, according to PEOPLE. The magazine also noted that Gaga was “conspicuously absent” from Carino’s social media feed during that period, which is yet again another evidence that the couple was apart during the holiday.

Meanwhile, Gaga’s social media feed seems to support these speculations as well since Carino was just as conspicuously absent in her feed. Instead, the singer chose Valentine’s Day to debut a new rose tattoo via a post.

“Happy Valentine’s Day. A tattoo toast to ‘la vie en rose’ by the beautiful @winterstone my spinal cord is now a rose,” the actress captioned her Instagram photo.

Lady Gaga’s Mexico Trip

Meanwhile, it seems that Lady Gaga is taking things slow these days. After the announcement of their split, the singer-actress is reportedly now in Mexico, according to Page Six.

“She was with three friends,” an unnamed source cited by the publication said. “She had a slick low ponytail, wearing a black outfit and a large diamond necklace,” the source continued. The singer was spotted on Acre, a farmland resort located in Baja, Mexico.