After Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show, people went to their social media accounts to make their reactions public. While most reactions were positive, praising the diva for an unprecedented performance, there was one person who thought Gaga owed her an explanation for "copying her." This was Mexican singer and actress Lucía Méndez, who said she would be contacting her lawyers about it.

"What do I say... 'I'm going to call my lawyer' @ladygaga LADY GAGA copied me on @SuperBowl," said Méndez in her tweet as a joke. 

Right away fans and haters replied with approval and dislike with tweets that prompted the 62 year-old singer to go back to Twitter to make things clear and insist she was joking around.

"Of course it's a joke about Lady Gaga.. God you guys know me we have to have a sense of humor!" she later wrote. 

Currently the singer is doing her show "Lucía Méndez en escena." It will be held on March 30 at Texcoco's Palenque in Mexico.