An officer who was killed during a training exercise in May was allegedly murdered by his fellow cops due to investigating a gang rape done by officers in the department, before reportedly being covered up by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Houston Tipping, a police officer for the LAPD, had reportedly filed a report regarding a sexual assault done by her fellow officers when he was killed while doing a training exercise in May. His death, at the time, was billed as an accident, according to ABC 7.

However, Tipping’s family, through their lawyer Brad Gage, revealed recently that they believe he was murdered by his fellow cops during the training exercise due to being a whistleblower, and Gage claims that some of the officers who were named in the report were involved in the killing, CBS News reported.

“When you have information that the motivation comes from an alleged sexual assault, it's being investigated by Officer Tipping, now you understand why,” Gage said. “You have a situation where officers are going to be interested in at least scarring Officer Tipping to prevent him from carrying out this investigation, where they could get prosecuted criminally, and or lose their jobs.”

Tipping’s death, which was classified as an accident with his injuries coming from supposed life-saving procedures done to him, was questioned by Gage, claiming that no cameras were filming the training exercise during her death, and that the report that Tipping filed appears to be missing after Gage filed a Public Records Act request for it, Vice reported.

“LAPD claims there was no video taken this day,” he said. “We don't believe that's accurate.”

“When you look at all these horrific injuries, the truth is something went seriously wrong here,” he continued. “I can not fathom anything other than a severe beating. This raises a number of questions that the family would like to have answered.”

The LAPD reportedly discussed the investigation on Monday after Gage’s claims to the media went public, though it is unclear if the results of this investigation will be made public soon.

The death of a police officer is being put into question by the officer's family on Monday as the lawyer claims that he was killed by fellow cops whom he was investigating for a gang rape. This is a representational image. ev/Unsplash.