Juárez-Lincoln Bridge
Juárez-Lincoln Bridge from Mexico Wikimedia Commons

Northbound traffic at the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge, a crucial artery for passengers and binational trade between the United States and Mexico, is under a temporary traffic flow adjustment —as of May 16, 2024— to accommodate a critical drainage replacement project on the U.S. side. The project is being undertaken by the City of Laredo Bridge System in collaboration with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

"The Juarez-Lincoln Bridge processes a significant volume of traffic," said Laredo Port of Entry Director Albert Flores.

The reconfiguration began before dawn on Thursday, May 16, with the placement of concrete barriers to direct traffic from four lanes to two, starting at mid-bridge. This pattern will persist for approximately two to three weeks before shifting to the easternmost lanes for another two to three weeks.

According to the CBP, the Juárez-Lincoln Bridge is an important crossing location for local residents and cross-border interregional travelers who pass through the Laredo region.
Almost 80% of the northbound crossings on the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge were privately-owned vehicles.

In a typical year, more than 3 million vehicles cross the bridge, therefore, binational authorities are urging users to take other routes to cross the border between Laredo and Nuevo Laredo.

"To minimize disruption and ensure the new drainage system cures properly, CBP will be strategically placing concrete barriers to funnel northbound traffic into two designated lanes as they approach the construction zone," Flores said. Traffic will then return to all available booths after passing the work area.

Advisory for Travelers

Travelers are encouraged to utilize the Border Wait Times (BWT) app, available on Apple App Store and Google Play, to monitor wait times, which are updated hourly. This tool aids in making informed decisions on bridge usage.

Additionally, CBP advises travelers to declare all agricultural items upon arrival and consult the 'Know Before You Go' guide to avoid potential delays or fines related to prohibited or restricted agricultural items.

Looking Ahead

The current traffic flow adjustment is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the CBP and the City of Laredo to enhance infrastructure while minimizing disruptions. Once the project concludes, the concrete barriers will be removed, and normal traffic flow will resume, supporting the continued prosperity of binational trade and the daily transit of thousands of individuals.

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