Jose Andrade and Larry Hernandez
Compromising video of the night of the happenings surfaces a couple of days prior to Larry Hernández' court date. Telemundo/Getty

Authorities released images of the night Larry Hernández allegedly attacked José Andrade after a performance in Newberry, South Carolina. Back in September, the Mexican singer was arrested in California and charged with kidnapping, third degree assault and battery by mob after Andrade told the police he was held against his will, wrapped in clear plastic wrap and beaten by Hernández and his associate, Jesús Solís.

The video, which aired on Telemundo’s “Al Rojo Vivo” this week, shows the “Larrymanía” star and the alleged victim walking into a hotel together as if they were the best of buddies. According to the police report, which narrates the happenings from Andrade’s point of view, the 38-year-old singer choreographed his entourage’s movements in order to not look suspicious. However, moments later, we see Andrade walking out of the building without a noticeable bruise.

In October, restaurant owner Onésimo Reyes, who provided food at the venue Hernández performed on the night of the events, stated Andrade was never forced to leave the Salon Pachuca that night. “I never saw him being tied down because he was riding at the front of the bus. The next day they came in saying that they beat him up, he came in with a video where Larry doesn’t let him get out of the bus because he needed his money,” Reyes told Univision’s “El Gordo Y La Flaca” during an exclusive interview.

Larry was released from jail on October 23 after the Judge set his bail at $200,000. Even though he is back on track with his music career, he is still being submitted to local legal processes in the state of California and will have to face the Judge again in court on December 31, 2015.

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