If you're Latino, you're probably having a big family dinner on Christmas Eve, and you’ll probably have your own ritual to celebrate this holiday with all your family. Sometimes we all get stressed out with last-minute shopping, Holiday traffic, our tías asking about "el novio" or "la novia," and you might not even be in the Christmas mood yet. To change that, we've gathered a few songs that will sure turn you into one of Santa's elves, or why not, maybe even one of the three kings!

In no particular order, we have selected the best Christmas songs from 2016.

These songs are sang by famous artists from Laura Pausini to Pentatonix, who decided to record holiday songs for this special occasion of the year. *Ok, Laura Pausini and Eros Ramazotti are Italian, but we love them so much we consider them honorary Latinos*

"Santa Claus Llegó a la Ciudad" by Laura Pausini

This song comes out of Laura Pausini's first Christmas album named “Laura Navidad,” which includes 9 beautiful songs and was released on November 4. This song is so Laura and you'll love it!

"Canta conmigo" by Ken Y y Oscarito                     

Trying to make a difference in the urban genre, this duo released this beautiful song that will have you dancing all night. A very happy song for Christmas!

"Llegó la navidad" by Pandora

“Navidad con Pandora," the first Christmas album by the trio Pandora, is amazing. "Llegó la Navidad" as lead single is soulful and filled with that Christmas Spirit we all need. This trio killed it!

"En Navidad" by Jowell & Randy                            

This urban duo made this catchy song especially for Christmas Eve. 

"Halleluyah" by Penthatonix

Even though the popular group is not Latino, one of the lead singers, Kirstin Maldonado, has Mexican roots and she always talks about it. So, why not include this beautiful rendition on this list? Enjoy!

"Feliz Navidad" by Eros Ramazotti

We really wanted to listen to his voice. Eros returned and brings this song that we’ll never forget. “Feliz Navidad” on Ramazotti’s voice, is beautiful. This song was released at the end of last year but has had a lot of promotion during this Christmas.