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Yulimar Rojas
Yulimar Rojas wins the triple jump gold medal with a record-setting attempt at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Andrej Isakovic/AFP

ALABAMA - In the history of sports, only a few athletes have dominated their respective disciplines the way Yulimar Rojas has done with the triple jump. After four straight world titles, two Olympic medals and plenty of records broken during a successful career, Rojas is still determined to keep on making history. This year in Paris' Olympics, she will once again try to break the 16-meter mark.

Rojas is the holder of both the world and Olympic records, jumping 15.74 meters in 2022 and setting the Olympic record in 2021 with a 15.67 meters mark. "Nothing is impossible, that is my motto, and it's what I believe in," said Rojas in an interview to the Olympic Channel. "I will get there...I was born to jump 16 meters."

Yulimar Rojas sets a new world record by jumping 15.74 meters in the triple jump event in Belgrade, 2022.

Rojas has been the dominant force in the triple jump for the past few years. She remains unbeaten since September 2019 when she won the second of her four world titles. After collecting a silver medal in Rio 2016, Rojas was able to win the triple jump event in Tokyo 2020 and became the first woman in the history of Venezuela to win an Olympic gold medal.

Not only is she an exemplary athlete, Rojas' heroics have been an inspiration for many in her native Venezuela, where she has reached hero-like status. When asked in an interview who her favorite superhero is, she replied "I'd say Wonder Woman because of the strength, the adrenaline, the power she has and what she does to save the world...I love super heroes and I hope to be considered a super hero in my country and in the world."

In that context, she founded the Yulimar Rojas 45 Foundation in December of 2023, helping more than 400 kids near her native town of Anzoátegui in its first event. The foundation provided medical and training equipment at the same school where she started her journey.

When asked in an interview how she would describe herself, Rojas responded by saying: "Yulimar Rojas is brave, joyful, and a committed person. I'm always giving my best. And, above all, I'm a warrior." A warrior that fights for others, Rojas has been a vocal figure among athletics in terms of fighting for women's rights and standing up for the LGBTQ+ community.

In an interview for Spanish newspaper El País, Rojas said "my orientation has always been important to me and to my career. Since I started sports, I have always tried to fight for the ideologies and rights of women and the LGBT community...It is also a leap for love and life to be respected, the desire to love and to be loved is respected, and human rights to be valued every day."

She was recognized as the 2023 World Athlete of the Year for field events by World Athletics

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