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49% of Latino Catholics lean toward Biden, 47% toward Trump Jomarc Nicolai Cala/Unsplash.

Latino Catholics are almost evenly split in their support of Joe Biden and Donald Trump ahead of the November elections, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center.

Concretely, 49% of respondents said they support the incumbent, while 47% lean toward the former president. The figure is similar to the national average (48% for Biden, 49% for Trump) and the only demographic that struck a balance between its members.

All other groups surveyed, including Protests, Catholics and religiously unaffiliated from different groups, show large disparities in their responses. The largest difference in favor of Democrats was registered among atheists, with 87% in favor of Biden and 11% for Trump.

Looking at those who do profess a religion, Black Protestants support Biden the most, with 77% and 18% for Trump. In contrast, White evangelicals are the group that favors Trump the most, with 81% of respondents answering this way, compared to 17% who went for Democrats.

"These presidential preferences reflect the partisan leanings of U.S. religious groups. White Christians have been trending in a Republican direction for quite some time, while Black Protestants and religious "nones" have long been strongly Democratic," Pew explained.

Looking at voters' views of Biden and Trump as presidents, about three-quarters of White evangelical Protestant voters say the latter was "great" (37%) or "good" (37%), a view shared by about half of White Catholics and White nonevangelical Protestants.

Another survey by the Pew Research Center from March show that Latinos who are religiously affiliated have a mostly unfavorable view of Trump. Concretely, 54% of Latino Protestants surveyed held a net unfavorable view of Trump, compared to 45% who answered positively (27% holding a mostly favorable view and 18% a very favorable one). Moreover, two thirds of Catholics (66%) held an unfavorable view, with 32% giving a positive answer (19% and 13%, respectively).

As for Biden, atheists and Black Protestants rate the current president's performance most favorably, with half of voters saying he is great or good. Overall, more people approved of Trump's presidency than Biden's.

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