Mary Cruz is a British actress and singer from Colombian and Armenian decent. Mary has been performing and working as a professional actress and performer since the age of 12. She has starred in various Theatre productions in London's prestigious West End. Seven months ago, Mary made the jump 'across the pond' and settled in LA. As Latinas always do, she is taking the US by storm!

How long have you been in the United States? What prompted the move?

I have been acting and performing in the UK and Europe since I was 13 years old. I worked on BBC shows, modelling and did commercials for Kellogg's Special K, as well as writing and recording music with Dj Jden and Enjay, some of the best producers I have worked with. I also did a lot of theatre and performed at the Cockpit theatre in the West End. I had a lot of my music played on the radio in the UK (BBC 1xtra, bang radio etc) and performed in a lot of big venues in London such as the Coronet in the Elephant and Castle. I had the pleasure of supporting J Alvarez when he came over to the UK on his tour with Nueva Era. I always performed at the Uk Latin events because I am one of the only girls in the UK who performs in English and Spanish and that was able to combine the two with an urban twist. I had a lot of interest out here in LA so I decided to relocate because I am Colombian  and Middle Eastern, so there was more of a market for me out here. I have been out here for 7 months and everything is going great already, I now call LA home. 

How has your Colombian heritage affected you career as an actress?

I feel like it has made me more versatile and has made me "ethnically ambiguous" which works great in the entertainment industry, especially right now as Latinas are trending with actresses like Sofia Vergara doing so well. Also it has given me the fire and drive to succeed. When I was younger I was confused about who I really was because of my mix but now I really embrace it. Also the fact that I speak Spanish is a great tool and a great advantage. I am a proud Latina and want to be part of the revolution - Latinas are doing so well in the industry right now! 

How is being a British Latina different to being a Latina in the US?

It's quite funny because when I open my mouth to speak people don't really expect to hear a British accent, it catches them off guard which is quite funny. Again, it adds more dynamic to what I can offer the industry. Also as an actress we take our training and our craft very seriously in Britain so I think people recognise that over here too. I am passionate about what I do, people always say that it is about being pretty etc. But that's not true, your looks will only get you so far. In order to make it in the industry you have to be talented, to hold your own and be professional. 

Mary Cruz Mary Cruz sizzles into LA! Mary Cruz

Have you connected with the Colombian Community here? How?

I haven't really, I haven't actually met any Colombians out here but I would love to. I would love to start making music with Colombian artists, I love colombian music and I want to go into telenovelas in the future. 

Tell us about the Miss Latina USA - how did that come about?

I was part of the miss universe GB pageant in 2013 and loved the experience as I represented  my mother's fashion brand, Azucena Couture. I was asked to go for the casting for the Miss Latina pageant by the lovely Yenitza Munoz (former miss Mexico) - she thought that I would be a great fit to represent Colombia at the preliminary in LA in September which I am honoured to be a part of! I cannot wait! Pageants are a great platform, you learn a lot about yourself and it makes you a stronger woman. 

What is this show you are working on? Why is it exciting for you?

I am currently rehearsing and preparing for my first stage show in US called 'Windows' written by Mitch Rosander and Cory Pilawski, which will open on the 3rd August 2014 and run every Saturday and Sunday for 3 weeks at the Loft Ensemble theatre in downtown Los Angeles. It's a short one act play made up of individual vignettes. I love theatre - I am in LA to do film and TV but it is a great joy to do what I originally started doing. Being part of a team and working with a live audience is the most satisfying feeling knowing that you can move someone and evoke emotions in an instance. 

What are your plans for the future? What's next?


I definetely want to do more TV and Film in the US, predominantly sitcoms but mainly telenovelas, it has always been my dream so that is what I am pursing right now. Also I want to keep releasing new music especially in the Hispanic community creating a strong brand with my stylist Dana Camile. The successes that I have had so far are all a result of my hard work and ambition but also having a great team so I hope I can inspire others on my journey. 


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