Laura Bozzo To Prosecute Mexican Media For Defamation During Guerrero Storms Case

Laura Bozzo
Image Televisa

Laura Bozzo has had enough of the allegations that questioned the talk show host's rescue efforts after the Guerrero storms that left hundreds devastated. Bozzo is now planning to prosecute the Mexican media for allegedly having people falsely testify on her supposed good samaritan efforts. "All the help that I've done has been notarized, every rescue that I have done is registered with a notary. I have proof that everything that I've done is real," she told El Universal in an interview. "With those documents I will embark on a trial against the magazines that have falsified the testimony of people that I've helped."

The Peruvian host came under fire after she was exposed on a radio show hosted by Mexican journalist, Carmen Aristegui. The CNN Español host attacked Bozzo for staging a show when she ventured into the state of Guerrero to help out victims of the storm that hit the area and left many without a home. "Today I have been attacked personally by very repugnant means by someone who says is a journalist, Carmen Aristegui," she said on her talk show. "Journalist, lady, one who listens to both sides and doesn't like as you are accustomed to daily." Witnesses at the scene say that they saw Laura descend from the helicopter talk to personnel on land, then go back up, only to have the camera crew capture her descent again that aired on her show the following day. Aristegui also questioned why Bozzo got the privilege of using public resources for the so called spectacle. She questioned why authorities allowed this in the middle of an emergency when they should've been worried about the safety of the affected people.

The Aristegui and Bozzo feud turned into a media brawl with both defending their position on their respective programs. Bozzo repeatedly asked Carmen for the right to appear on her show to defend her posture and prove she was serious on her rescue efforts, but the journalist denied her the privilege. A song was soon recored that mocked the talk show host and calling her a "Vieja Mentirosa." ("Lying Woman") The main lyrics continue, "You don't know what to do with your show, you utilize the poor to gain fame. Stop telling us that you're Mexican just because you know you can't be Peruvian. Don't contaminate the Mexican culture, that's why I want them to take away your show." Then the song continues to attack Laura even more about her rescue efforts, "Everyone knows that you went to Coyuca to stage a circus for your contraband show" and for taking advante of the poor people. "Don't compare yourself to a journalist," referring to Aristegui. "Stop saying you were a rescue worker; Laura youre the terrorist."

Laura's talk show that airs on the main Televisa network has been affected with declining ratings ever since the whole debacle. Bozzo has continued to try to clean her name and even had a group of rescue workers on her show to prove that she has worked with them. Rumors of the cancellation of her program have been circulating and a petition was even started to collect signatures for the demise of the show, but so for nothing has happened. "[Televisa] is very happy with the show, today we had a lower rating because we broadcasted pre-recorded episodes, but we will soon return live and things will return like before."

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