Latin performers bring passion to Las Vegas
Latin performers bring passion to Las Vegas show 'Le Rêve' EFE

Ten dancers, swimmers and acrobats from across Ibero-America add a touch of Latin soul to the circus acts of "Le Rêve - The Dream" at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino. Of the 92 performers in the cast of "Le Rêve" from 17 different countries, 10 bring Latin passion to a spectacle that has been named "Best Production Show in Las Vegas" for the fourth straight year by the Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association. Puerto Rican acrobat and dancer Emmanuel San Feliz, with talents honed in shows at Disney, Universal and Sea World theme parks, is one of the Latinos performing weekly in this work created by Franco Dragone, former Cirque du Soleil director of shows like "Mystere," "Quidam" and the film "Alegria - An Enchanting Fable."

Performers can contribute ideas to the work, which has been evolving since its debut in April 2005, Miguel Reyes, another Puerto Rican performer, told Efe. Reyes, who has appeared in "Le Rêve" for three years since successfully competing in one of the company's massive auditions attended by hundreds of hopefuls, will leave the show on September 30 to appear in "Michael Jackson One."

The two Puerto Rican artists said it takes close to a month of training to master the routines of the show, for which participants must possess scuba-diving certifications. Besides Reyes and San Feliz, the cast also features their compatriots Joseph Rivera and Valerie Volmar Vega, Cubans Michel Naranjo, Williams Rodriguez and Ihosvany Piedra Caesar, Brazil's Isabela Moraes, the American Miguel Andrés García and the Spaniard Alberto Del Campo Marco.

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