At San Diego's Comic-Con Dark Horse panel viewers were surprised to find "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra" creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino reunited with some big news. The dynamic duo announced that "TLoK' would continue on as a graphic novel and continue to tell the story of the Avatar and her friends. 

Before the grand announcement the two started off by recalling some of their favorite moments from the series. When asked what was the most rewarding aspect of finishing "The Legend of Korra," DiMartino said he and Konietzko were thrilled to see the positive reaction to the finale, specifically the final few minutes. "It's been so great to see how much it connected with everyone," DiMartino said. "We knew people would hopefully enjoy it, but you never know... It's touched people on an emotional level that I didn't expect."

Konietzko added, "You pick a certain pairing, some people are going to be happy, and some people are going to be unhappy... We were just making sure we liked it, and in this case we did." Konietzko also referred to his blog post that came out shortly after the finale aired. 

According to the co-creators, they have three volumes of Korra comics planned, with DiMartino taking point on the writing. Don't worry Konietzko will be involved just with a limited role. He wrote on Tumblr

"The Legend of Korra will continue as comics written by Michael DiMartino, published by Dark Horse! I’ve been working on the story with Mike, and I’ll be consulting on the art (once we secure an artist/artists). I made the images above for our announcement at the Dark Horse panel, which just finished up. Exciting stuff!"

Dark Horse also revealed new key art for the first volume, which you can see below drawn by Konietzko. The artwork features Korra and Asami walking back out of the Republic City Spirit Portal we saw them enter at the end of the series. "We're definitely going to focus on Korra and Asami's relationship," DiMartino said.

The release date has not been revealed for the Korra graphic novel, but we will keep you updated as we get more info.