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Last night the creator and writers of the popular FOX TV show "Family Guy" shocked their fans when they killed off a favorite character. Brian, the Griffin family's beloved, alcoholic and quick witted dog was run over by a car and killed. As far as the deaths of characters go, through the years there have been a number shows that have bumped off a beloved character in ways viewers never saw coming. For most reality based shows characters that are killed off usually stay dead.

"Family Guy" has the benefit of being a cartoon that is just so completely ridiculous (and we mean that in the most complimentary of ways) that bringing back a dead character would not be considered absurd. So for "Family Guy," a show that has travelled back in time, parodied "Star Wars," done musical numbers and engaged in shall we say risqué behavior a resurrected character may not be too farfetched. But how can they do it. Well the most obvious way for Brian to come back is to (1) have Stewie go back in time.

In last night's episode Stewie conveniently destroyed his time machine and doesn't have replacement parts. Brian and Stewie have had many adventures together some of which involved the time machine. In a show where one of the main characters is a talking dog and the other is an evil genius baby, rebuilding a destroyed time machine is not out of the realm of possibility. Another way to bring Brian back is (2) have him return as a ghost and haunt the Griffin family. One has to admit the Griffins got themselves a new dog awfully fast following the passing of their beloved pet.

Seeing how fast he was replaced would make for one angry spirit. "Family Guy" has already done an episode in which the parodied "Poltergeist" so throwing in another haunting episode, maybe for next Halloween may be one way to keeps fans hopeful Brian will be back. "Family Guy" executive producer Steve Callaghan explained to E! Online why the Griffins got themselves a new dog so fast. "It felt like the way that this show was conceived by Seth all those years ago, was this entire family unit including the parents, kids and a dog. So by losing Brian, it felt like a void needed to be filled."

On obvious way to keep Brian in the show is to feature him in (3) flashbacks and cutaways. "Family Guy" is famous for making pop culture and other references then following them up with some kind of comical clip. Brian could pop up here and there in various clip throughout the rest of the series. Fans are beyond disappointment at the shows decision to kill off their beloved Brian. Will he ever return or is the Griffin's new family dog Vinnie, voiced by the "Sopranos" star Tony Sirico Brain's permanent replacement?

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