Although many strides have been made throughout the world with people becoming more accepting of same-sex couples and the LGBT community, there are some people who still fail to support it. It is being reported that another family is feeling the sting of their same-sex relationship and its now affecting their children.

According to Latina, Mexican siblings have been denied access from three schools because their parents are in a same-sex marriage. Martha, the other half of the couple, has decided to not share her last name in an effort to protect the identities of her children is now fighting back against the as chool administrations.

The couple has filed a public complaint with the Consejo para Prevenir y Eliminar la Discriminación de la Ciudad de Mexico (Copred). In the complaint, the couple claims that their oldest daughter, who was two-years-old at the time, was denied entry from Olinca in San Angel in July 2015.

The publication reports that after the couple toured the school, Martha asked if there were any other students with LGBT parents. The director response was,  ‘No, we don’t have a problem with that, so long as they don’t make a scene in front of the children,'” Martha told Animal Politico. Surprised by the response, the mother asked for clarification. The director allegedly stated that she didn't want the parents to "disrespect" anyone.

Later on in November, the parents were interested in enrolling their children in Senda. All seemed well with the staff reaching out to the couple letting them know that the school supports same-sex couples until the other shoe came down. They received called later saying that the school has turned them down.

“They began by telling me that they wanted the school to be more open, but unfortunately, the parents of the other children were very ‘Catholic’ and they couldn’t accept my children,” Martha said. “Plus the school didn’t want the other children to bully my children for having two moms. They said they preferred to ‘protect’ them and shield them from that ‘suffering.”

In a desperate attempt, the parents tried one more school: MiKínder in Jardines del Pedregal. They were told that the institution was secular,  but the couple later learned that the school was affiliated with Opus Dei, a Catholic organization.

Although Martha and her partner are filing a complaint, they do not want there children to attend any of the schools. Their mission is to simply prevent other same-sex couples from going through the same ordeal.

There is no word on Consejo para Prevenir y Eliminar la Discriminación de la Ciudad de Mexico giving the schools any consequences for their actions.