Has Liam Hemsworth done some moving on himself, finally? After weeks of reports concerning Miley’s quite erratic dating patterns after her split with Hemsworth, the actor is now seen strolling the streets with a girl in her arms.

The timing is suspect too, considering the news of Miley Cyrus not just kissing Cody Simpson after all the PDA she did with Kaitlyn Carter prior but also calling him her “BF” when she was hospitalized

Could the actor be triggered? Enough to look for his own "GF"? 

Hemsworth was spotted in NYC’s West Village neighborhood last Thursday, holding hands with a woman. As they were both wearing jackets and sunglasses, it is unclear first who the woman could be. The two dined ad wined together at Sant Ambroeus, and then went for a romantic stroll. Is it finally happening to him? Is he moving on from Cyrus? 

According to TMZ, the girl is identified as the Australian actress Maddison Brown, who is a cast of the renowned CW show, “Dynasty.”

While eating, drinking and walking indeed do not immediately count as moving on, unlike Moley’s kissing and calling someone her “BF,” fans are just happy to see the actor getting some companion for himself now. 

Whether or not the actor will ultimately get it on with Brown seriously, or with any other woman for the matter, remains to be seen. According to Radar Online, the actor is hardly in any rush to do so. The site reported that the actor is in no way focused on finding new love amid this trying time of his life at all. 

AS divorce proceedings take place, the actor is said to be more intent on having fun rather than looking for anything serious. “This whole [divorce] thing is still very fresh,” an insider exclusively shared with Radar. “He really is just living his own life right now.”

It can be remembered that the same news site claimed that the actor was very hurt with Cyrus’ blindsiding with a divorce to pursue a fling with Carter. “That is not something you do when you care about a person, let alone your husband who you are legally married to,” a source shared to Radar immediately after the scandal.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus attend the Women's Cancer Research Fund's An Unforgettable Evening Benefit Gala. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images