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Lindsay Clancy told a psychologist that she heard a man's voice asking her to kill her three children before she used her exercise ropes to strangle them. Massachusetts prosecutors alleged at her arraignment Tuesday, while her attorney described her new reality as a paraplegic at risk of suicide.

Clancy, 32, pleaded not guilty during a court appearance held over Zoom as she lay paralyzed in her Boston hospital bed. Clancy appeared via Zoom in Plymouth District Court while lying on her hospital bed with a neck brace and a face mask. She will remain in her present hospital until she is transferred to a rehabilitation institution, the judge eventually decided.

In connection with the suffocation of her three children on Jan. 29 at the family's Duxbury home, 35 miles southeast of Boston, Clancy has been charged with three counts of premeditated murder. She killed her three children when her husband wasn't at home.

Kevin Reddington, the defense attorney for Clancy, claimed that Clancy, who is accused of killing her three children by strangling them on Jan. 24, was a victim of a healthcare system that fails women suffering from "postpartum depression- and even postpartum psychosis." He said that she was given medication, such as Prozac and Seroquel, that had homicidal ideation as one of its side effects.

"[Clancy] was...a beautiful person who was destroyed by this medication," Kevin Reddington told the court of the former labor and delivery nurse, reports New York Post.

Clancy, who attempted suicide by jumping from a second-floor window after killing her children, reportedly sustained spinal cord damage and is currently paralyzed from the waist down, according to Reddington. He requested that she wait in a suitable rehabilitation facility.

"She can't walk...she can't even go to the bathroom," he said, noting that her emotional state was also "not well at all."

Lindsay's Kids
Lindsay Clancy's three children who she strangled with exercise ropes before trying to take her own life. Twitter/@901Lulu

He continued by saying that before the tragedy, Clancy had informed a psychotherapist that she had heard a "male voice" urging her to murder both the kids and her.

The prosecution claimed that Clancy was "lucid" before the deaths, and during that assertion, Clancy, who had been silent throughout the trial, appeared to temporarily close her eyes.

She allegedly planned it out and knew precisely what she was doing, according to the prosecution. They asserted that Clancy reportedly "created" a scenario in which her husband Patrick was gone from their home for around 20 minutes, giving her enough time to choke each of their three children.

According to Plymouth Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sprague, Patrick Clancy arrived home to "silence" and saw blood and an open window in the couple's upstairs bedroom before discovering his injured wife in the yard.

They were all still wearing exercise bands around their "little necks" when Patrick subsequently discovered his children in the finished basement, as the state's attorney patiently described.

The prosecution stated that when the distressed father spoke with 911 dispatchers, his screams "seemed to become louder and louder." When first responders got on the scene, he allegedly said, "She killed the kids!"

Lindsay Family
Cora, Dawson, and Callan with Patrick. Twitter/@twinkhatepag3

Dawson and Cora were pronounced dead later that evening, while Callan passed away three days later at Boston Children's Hospital.

They also mentioned notes in which she complained that the two older kids kept her from "loving Callan as he was her first baby" and exhibited resentment against them. They noticed that it would have taken her several minutes to strangle each child with the exercise bands until they stopped breathing.

"The bands had to have been squeezing their minds for several minutes. She could have changed her mind," they said, calling it a "premeditated" crime with "extreme cruelty," reports IB Times.

After hurting the children, Clancy slit her wrists, leaped out of her bedroom window, and landed in the garden of the household.

If she left treatment prior to the trial, the court concluded that another hearing would be necessary to determine her custody position. On Feb. 3, the three Clancy children were all buried together at St. Mary of the Nativity in Scituate.

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