Apart from Beyonce’s “The Gift” as an accompanying album to “The Lion King,” Sofa Carson is also releasing a song for the Spanish-speaking fans of the movie. Entitled “Ciclo Sin Fin,” which translates to “Circle of Life,” the single drops on July 25. The singer has offered a glimpse of what people can expect by posting a teaser for the video on her social media.  

“Ciclo Sin Fin” is a tribute to the original and very iconic song written by Sir Elton John. Fans across the world would certainly be familiar with it since it appeared also in the 1994 Disney animated feature. 

Alongside the short teaser video, Carson wrote, “The circle of life moves us all, through despair and hope, through faith and love.” She then released details of the song, “El Ciclo Sin Fin. Coming Thursday. Be still my heart." 

In the video, several jungle animals were featured while the singer looks on to the camera. Donning an orange dress, she looks very at home in what seems like a desert land. The Spanish title for “The Lion King” was also seen, which reads, “El Rey Leon.” 

To be both a singer and an actress made Carson happy, she told Hola! USA. According to her, sharing her music is a very personal thing akin to sharing a part of herself, which for her counts as a wonderful experience. 

She may currently be thriving — having several Disney channel movies and shows already under her belt aside from her singing career and is starring in the Freeform series “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists,” but this success comes from purely hard work. In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, she shared having to do around 200 auditions a year once in her life. She was dedicated to paving her path to stardom.

Carson also had to deal with rejection. When one label asked her to submit an album demo the first time she moved to LA, she stayed up until early morning every night just to write a song, for over a month. She was able to produce more than 25 songs but none of these worked to her favor. 

She also faced rejection when she first auditioned for the Dinsey original movie, “Descendants,” but that did not faze her still. She kept auditioning for other roles, writing more music, and just trying to improve her craft each day. One month after she was rejected for the Disney channel movie, she got another call to read for the lead role of the same movie. The rest is history.

She’s now more known as Evie of “Descendants,” the role that catapulted her to other successes -- signing with both Republic Records and Hollywood Records. She, however, does not believe that hard work was all there is to it.

“There’s a certain magic to this world,” she explained to Cosmpolitan. “It’s a combination of preparation—preparing as much as you physically can—passion, luck and a little bit of pixie dust, and timing.”

Sofia Carson “The top of Sofia's dress has feathers so we immediately agreed, up for the hair! I wanted the style to have a sense of elegance and edge so I created a look that portrayed that contradiction.” -Caile Noble Getty Images