'The Child Will Fly' Cerati Collaboration
Cerati's last collaboration before going into coma was a song with Roger Waters titled "The Child Will Fly." Listen here! YouTube/charargentina

"The Child Will Fly" was the title of the Roger Waters single that featured Gustavo Cerati. The track was in benefit of the Alas Foundation and the two had a music session in New York working under Hector Castillo. Filming of the music video took place in Villa 31, a province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, back in 2012. Waters was touring the South American country when he filmed scenes for the clip and would've also had the presence of Shakira, Pedro Aznar and Eric Clapton. The original song lasted around 13 minutes with the video directed by Diego Kaplan. The Alas foundation helps high-poverty neighborhoods and so far has helped more than 20 early childhood centers. This would be one of the last collaborations Cerati recorded before going into coma. Watch the video down below!

Gustavo Cerati's family has reached out to the public after false rumors stated the the Argentine singer had died. The Cerati Family has updated their Facebook and has explained the situation and Cerati's current condition. "We need to clear up something that is recurring in web publications, false rumors and cruel jokes that come up from anonymous sources (although it seems incredible that someone exists that is able to do so). It still surprises us that some communication professionals replicate information without checking. And their have been various cases."

"Being our priority to attend and take care of Gustavo, these situations add up to, having to clarify what should not be necessary, beyond the harm this causes us," the statement continued. "We ask all the Gustavo followers to only believe our voice. We ask them and the professional media correspondents to not echo any of these messages without a base or backing. Of course we will take this time to thank the support and respect of the majority of people, that for more than three years has been by our side and has demonstrated it every day in many ways."

The previous week, Lilian Clark phoned in to television show "Gracias Por Venir" where they were holding a tribute to Cerati. As one of the guest was the plastic artist, Gustavo Masó, who last month wrote a letter to Pope Francis. The letter actually got to the hands of the Supreme Pontiff and he replied. Clark read the letter on air that said: "Mr. Gustavo Maso thanks for your letter of the 20th. It allowed me to reconnect with Gustavo. It’s out of habit that we put life away as in an archive. And life goes on. Wait. It disappears and then reappears. The cruelest archivist is forgetfulness. He was right, our Borges (ed. Jorge Borges, Argentina’s world famous writer), when he told us ‘only one thing I have not achieved: it’s forgetfulness.’ Yes, with regard to God. But amongst ourselves, forgetfulness exists and it is cruel. Thanks for giving breath to the breezes of a memory.”

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