People can't stop talking about Ben Affleck’s new $65M budget production “Live By Night,” featuring Zoe Saldana, Elle Fanning, Brendan Gleeson, Chris Messina, Sienna Miller and Chris Cooper.

Another actor from this story set in the 1920’s and 1930’s is R&B singer Miguel, and we had the chance to speak with this talented guy to know all the details about his role on the movie and his new, upcoming projects.

Miguel character is Esteban Suarez, a very artistic man with a lot of inspiration for music and dancing. The singer and now actor, felt this role fit perfectly with him as he loves music and dancing and also comes from a Latino background like the character.

"Live By Night" is set in the 1920’s which was prohibition era in the United States, the time when alcohol was outlaw, which means you had to get it on a black market, very underground," Miguel starts explaining the main concept of the film, as he continues describing the importance of his role in the story where his character is involved in the world of organized crime.

"At that time, to make rum you had to have Molasses and that’s where my character Esteban Suarez and also his sister Graciela come in the story; they were Cuban business Molasses farm plantations owners in America. They used to carry this material waste inside the country. We’re powerful Cuban nationalists in the USA during the era. That’s how Ben Affleck’s character comes into the story because he works for one of the mafias and he falls in love with Graciela, doing this business. It’s a very interesting story about love and revenge," the R&B star confessed.

He explains that since he knew about Esteban Suarez, he felt really identified with him. He described him as an artist that celebrates his culture in every way and completely relates to it.

He also finds the movie has an amazing story about how all the different ethnicities had a major impact on American culture and the history of this country. "We look at how Latin culture affect the direction of the country, and not only Latino but African American and Italian as well. I think that’s why America is the great country that it is. It’s a conscious movie, that tells us we need to be aware and reminded that as far as we’ve come, we still have far to go," he explained.

"Live by Night" represents Miguel's first acting opportunity and he really loved the experience. He says he’s looking forward to another movie in the future even though he believes the great chemistry on set was the best of all the process.

“It was awesome to work with Zoe Saldana and Ben, they were so amazing and warm. This connection between us is what helped us build that chemistry that you’ll see on camera. Zoe is incredible and very open and real, she’s a very passionate person. She made it very easy. Ben is so calm and very cool and mild, ” Miguel added.

About his singing projects, he gave us the exclusive about his upcoming Spanish album he’s been working on.

“I’ve actually been writing a few songs in Spanish over the past 6 months, the goal is to make a whole album in Spanish; I’m hoping I can really come out with this project later on this year. It’s something I look forward to doing,” he confessed.

"Live by Night" is already in theaters and promises to be a box office hit. You can watch the trailer below.